Dating is rapidly evolving. It’s different to what it was ten years ago as more people want to find a basic hook-up. While it’s not overly romantic, some modern daters want nothing more than a quick fling, one-night stand, and a hook-up. Daters want no commitments to long-term relationships; they want sex but without the ties, and that has led to an increase of online dating. Ass Tok is one of the more interesting ‘dating’ websites. If you’re looking for a quick hook-up, this might just be the ideal place for you.

How to Create an Account with Ass Tok?

Ass Tok is incredibly easy to sign up to. That’s particularly useful because no-one wants to spend an hour trying to register for a dating website. Fortunately, Ass Tok is a lot less complicated. So, you’ll go through the standard sign-up stages but once you’ve completed those, you’re able to use Ass Tok to find a perfect match. Of course, you have the chance to create and complete a profile, which is recommended if you want to sit back and let potential matches do all the running.
You can have as much fun with this part as you like. Be creative, honest, or mysterious – the choice is yours. Some prefer to be upfront about what they’re searching for, so if you’re looking for sex with a particular type of person, that’s maybe something you want to include. Of course, you don’t need to include anything at all, just the very basics about yourself. As said the choice is yours. However, just be a bit cautious as to what you’re actually including with your profile and how much personal information you’re putting online.

Ass Tok Fees and Membership Options

One of the more positive aspects of Ass Tok is that they offer several memberships plans, including a two-day trial. It’ll cost around $0.99, and you’ll be allowed to explore the site and see what it has to offer. If you aren’t sure Ass Tok is right for you, the trial is ideal because you get full access. It should also give you enough time to determine if you like what you see and carry on with a 30-day plan. A word of caution: if you choose a trial plan, you must cancel before the second day otherwise you’ll be moved onto a monthly plan which will cost $50.

Ass Tok also offers a seven-day trial plan. Here, you’ll pay $10, and it works the same as the 2-day plan; so, remember to cancel unless you want to be moved onto a recurring membership plan. However, if you want to go straight onto a membership plan, there is a six and twelve-month gold membership option available. You’ll pay $70 and $120 for the six and twelve month plans respectfully. These are also one-off payments, however, if you don’t cancel before the months are up, you’ll be moved to a recurring plan.

On a lighter note, if you were on a six-month plan, you’ll pay $30 and $15 for the twelve-month plan per month. So, you could save a little money if you wanted to continue with your membership. Fees and memberships vary and it’s up to you which – if any – membership you want to choose. It really depends on how often you plan on using Ass Tok and whether you feel it’s right for you.

Simple Search Features to Make Finding a Match Easier

There are a few ways to find someone on Ass Tok. You could either let a match come to you, or you start the search. If you wanted to search for a hook-up or someone to spend time with, Ass Tok’s search features are easy to use. What’s more, it’ll be easier to find someone that shares the same interests as you. You can search via photo, whether members are online, by a memberships age or age range, and their gender. Ass Tok also has an extended search feature available. If you wanted to look for someone that shares the same interests as you or resides locally, you can single those members out on Ass Tok.

There is even a paid priority listing feature. This means you can pay Ass Tok to show your profile on more searches. You’ll also have top billing, so you may be even more likely to be chosen by members looking for someone special. If you wanted to go one step further, you could create a short video profile to attract a match. It mightn’t be something you’re sure of, however, it’s an option, nonetheless. Ass Tok is an innovative and smart dating site because it does offer a new insight into the dating scene.

Stop Unwanted Attention

One of the more useful features of Ass Tok is their member block feature. It’s an important tool for any member to feel safe while using the site. The block feature basically prevents other members from messaging you via the site. You click to block that member and they shouldn’t be able to harass you on Ass Tok again. It’s ideal if someone is being too eager or you’re just not interested, and they don’t understand that.

Chats and Meetings

Whether you want to talk dirty or just get to know someone, you can invite members to a Group Chat. You can invite several people to the chat at one time or just the one, you decide. It offers a real-time update and can be entirely private too. Whoever knows where your chats will lead to. Of course, no member is under any obligation to meet up in person. If you’re happy to chat online, that’s as far as it needs to go. At the end of the day, whether you meet someone in person is your choice and what you do with them is between two consenting adults. Just be safe.

No App but A Mobile Version

While some might be disappointed to learn Ass Tok doesn’t, yet, have an app, it does offer a fully optimized mobile version. In a way, that makes up for the lack of a mobile app as you can view the site on most mobile devices. It looks and feels the same as the original desktop version and is easy to use. You can still search for a match wherever, whenever, and it looks as smart as ever.

Do You Get Anonymity with Ass Tok?

While anonymity does still fall in part on your shoulders, Ass Tok does offer some protection for members. For instance, if you aren’t a registered member with an active account, you cannot access member profiles. It’s basic privacy, however, that is important to a lot of users, so it’s good that Ass Tok prevents non-registered users from accessing member profiles. If you want more privacy or discretion, you can choose to mask your profile photos too.

While those might seem minor things, they are important to a lot of members, especially ones who want some discretion. What’s more, you can decide which members are allowed to view your photos and profile. Ass Tok also uses an SSL connection which keeps your private messages somewhat secure.

Watch for False Profiles and Scammers

It happens on most dating websites, unfortunately. Fake or false profiles exist, and you must be very careful of these. While you might be able to spot a fake profile, it’s not always as easy as you’d think, so take some precautionary steps whenever you chat to someone you don’t know. If you suspect a fake profile, report it immediately and block them.

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